Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

New York-- and a Happy Thanksgiving to all! It's going to be 65 degrees today! Who knew? The new black winter coat will spend the day in the closet but I'm not regretting the purchase yet because tomorrow it's supposed to be freezing! Hey, I remind myself. Life is about more than the weather. When I was growing up in Elizabeth, NJ we went to the high school football game on Thanksgiving morning. I remember all kinds of weather but nothing like this. What a treat for those on the street, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, not to mention those who are marching in it. The parade passes by our building. Here's the view from our window.

I choke up when I hear a marching band. Don't ask why -- I've no idea. George looks at me as if I've totally lost it. Maybe it has to do with a childhood memory. Whatever, I cried several times while craning my neck out the window to watch what was going on 12 stories below. Couldn't tell from up here what this group in green represented but I liked the way they twirled.

Speaking of twirling -- when I was 9 I wanted desperately to twirl a baton. We lived in Miami Beach then and went to the Orange Bowl parade where I first saw baton twirlers up close. I was given a baton for Hanukkah that year and I practiced and practiced, throwing my baton up in the air and trying to catch it. I got hit in the head more than once. Never did get to twirl with a marching band but if you give me a baton (or any object resembling one) I'll do a couple of figure eights for you.

Now that the parade has passed it's time to get ready for the rest of our day. We're gathering at my former husband's house. Among the many things I'm grateful for today (and every day) is that John is married to the wonderful Myrna and that we've become one extended family. It means a lot to our grown children, to Elliot, and to us.

I know this can be a tough (and lonely) time of year for some of you who have written to me and I'm thinking of you today.

For those of us lucky enough to have friends and family to share the holiday -- enjoy!