Friday, January 2, 2009

How Did it Get to be January?

Key West -- wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Our gang gathered here for a week of sunny weather, lots of cooking and baking (I still have Randy's yummy brownies in the freezer where I can defrost one at a time -- don't ask about the extra apple pie she baked for me which I've already devoured), poker games lasting until midnight (Larry taught us Texas Hold'em), hours of Pounce, Randy's favorite card game which is a combo of Spit and Solitaire, movies at home and at the Tropic Cinema and well, just being together. There's no better way to spend a holiday week, at least for me.

From left to right we are: son-in-law Jim with daughter Amanda, George, then me, and daughter Randy, son Larry and grandson Elliot.

This was taken on New Year's Eve before Larry took Elliot to Old Town to watch as the crowd gathered to ring in the new year. The rest of us opted to stay at home, watching the festivities on TV. Anderson Cooper always shows Key West star Sushi in the famous red pump, dropping to the ground at midnight. And this year our own Mimi McDonald did her Sarah Palin impersonation on camera. (Hope some of you caught her on CNN.) We may be a small town but....

As for New Year's resolutions -- I promise to get more posts on my blog (I wonder if I promised the same last year?) No, really -- I have three almost ready to go. I do. No kidding. The next will be about a tiara. Don't believe me? Ask Meg Cabot.