Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fantasy Fest '09

Key West -- Halloween is a week long holiday in this town. And it's not all for the kids. People come from all over to celebrate. Some locals hide-out for the week, others are happy to join in the fun. This year Fantasy Fest celebrated its 30th anniversary with a worthy theme - Villains, Vixens, and Vampires. (Reminds me of the title of Carolyn Mackler's great YA novel, Vegan, Virgin, Valentine).

Let's start with the Pet Masquerade on the grounds of the newly renovated Casa Marina
Hotel, where kids were definitely welcome. I've never seen so many dogs behave themselves so well. And let me tell you, it was hot. As in 90 degrees with high
humidity. (The doggie in the toilet, upper left, was my favorite.) Fortunately the humans behaved, too.

Then on to the traditional Costume Parade. Someone described it as a lot of 60-somethings letting it all hang out. Well, yes! Early in the evening, anyway. Fantastic body painting. (I read somewhere that every year there are emergency trips to the dermatologist caused by allergic reactions to body painting.)

A friend said to me, "I’ve been thinking a lot about our notions of creativity and self expression. When you think in those terms (and get beyond narrow aesthetics of beauty) it really is quite amazing." I think that's an interesting take on this year's parade.

I'm not showing any of the triple x-rated costumes here. I'll leave that to your imaginations. And in case you're wondering, No, George and I didn't dress up. And we didn't stay for the late night craziness either. Sorry.

Hope you all had a fun time, too. Or at least your kids did. In Key West everyone (who wants to) gets to be a kid again at Fantasy Fest.

And so it goes...
xx Judy