Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How Did it Get to be April?

Key West -- While I've been waiting for that How I Spent My Birthday video to come in, another month has gone by. So I will wait no longer to tell you I celebrated my birthday by tap dancing on stage with my class and our fabulous teacher, Bruce Moore (center). The other handsome fellow is Bobby Nesbitt, star of Key West's Lyrics & Lyricists series. The rest of us are -- well, you can see for yourselves -- a game group of new and/or former tappers. We rehearsed until we dropped (okay, not quite) and performed at the invitation of Randy Roberts, another Key West treasure, during his show at the Tennessee Williams Theater. And what a great show -- what an experience!

George kept reminding me, it's not how well you do it, it's that you do it at all -- but to me, it's about doing it well, thank you very much (we are not, after all, dancing bears). So I tap-tap-tapped out onto the stage, took my position, and froze! No kidding. I think I smiled and moved my arms but I realized during those first few time steps I wasn't actually tapping. I remember saying to myself, ohmygod, Judy, you're not dancing! I must have danced eventually but truly, I have no memory of it. Randy Roberts, who has seen the video, swears I was dancing but I have performance amnesia. Imagine that -- after all these years of giving speeches on stage. It was fear of forgetting the sequence of steps, I think, that gave me such anxiety. At one point I thought of writing the sequence down on my hand -- but once Sarah Palin wrote notes on her hand -- you were not going to catch me doing the same thing. No way. Next time I have the chance to dance on stage I'm going to remember it!

I'm celebrating today, the first day of the rest of my life, because Larry and I finally sent in the "polish" on the Tiger Eyes screenplay. Never, ever, have I wanted to be done with a writing project the way I wanted to be done with this one. We've worked for eight months, sending the script back and forth. But, I have to admit, with each draft it improved. And when I read the final draft I liked it (unheard of -- usually I'm so sick of what I've written by the time I send it to my editor I'm convinced it's the worst piece of drek ever!) I even cried at the end. Let's hope this movie actually gets made. After a break it will be time to get back to the novel I started a year ago. A year! I'm almost afraid to look at my research and notes.

Other thoughts --
Those of you waiting to hear from colleges have heard by now. I hope you taped your letters of admission to your wall and congratulated yourselves. I hope, if there was disappointment, you're over it. Rejection hurts. Always. But moving on feels good! And you're going to be happy wherever you go. There's no such thing as only one "right" school.

A note of caution --
Don't let senioritis make you crazy. I know it's tempting to feel like cutting loose now. (I have a grandson about to graduate, remember?) But when I was in high school a group of the smartest boys, all college bound, got caught up in a scandal that brought them and their families nothing but grief. One of them worked in the school office where he got his hands on the final exam (can't remember which subject). He made a copy, then shared it with his friends. Not sure how they were found out, but they were. The colleges who had already admitted them were notified, and most reneged. And how stupid was it for them to cheat, anyway?! These guys would have gotten their usual good grades on their own and would have gone off to their chosen colleges -- except for their failure to think of the consequences of their behavior. So have fun, sure! Enjoy your last weeks of high school. Just don't give up on thinking, okay?

And to everyone else, Happy Spring!