Thursday, October 18, 2007

Getting Back to Work

New York -- I took some time off after my book tour. October was such a beautiful month in the city -- every day as warm as the perfect summer day -- I spent hours walking through the park. George and I even had a couple of late lunches at outdoor cafes, something we never make time for. One afternoon, as a special treat, George took me home in a horse and carriage. I've done this maybe two other times in my life.
The driver didn't get it and tried to give us the tourist treatment, explaining the various park attractions to us. We finally had to tell him we lived in the city. He let us off at our corner. A real indulgence -- one we won't do again anytime soon.

Watched the baseball playoffs, rooting for Elliot's team - the Red Sox - since my team (the Mets) was already out of it. I hate to admit this but I've become attached to the Red Sox players so I'm glad I have a team to root for in the Series. Wish the games didn't start so late. I'm trying to stay awake until the end of each one but it's not easy. So far we're two games up!

Spent all day yesterday in the recording studio as Kathleen McInerney captured the voices of The Pain and the Great One and all the other characters in Soupy Saturdays on a CD. And guess who got to read the part of Fluzzy? Not easy coming up with the voice of a cat. Actually, I think Fluzzy will sound a lot like me. Kathleen recorded Cool Zone, too, so the CD will be ready when that book comes out next May (and yes, I'm Fluzzy in that one, too!) We had a director, a producer, and a sound engineer. Kathleen was amazing! We kept feeding her mashed potatoes and cups of water to soothe her throat (her choice).

Tomorrow George is going to Key West. I was planning to fly down with him but I still have so much to do in the city I'm going to have to wait -- maybe until after Thanksgiving. Now it's time to get back to work. I've promised my publisher at least two finished stories for the third book, Going, Going, Gone this week, and the rest of the stories are due by Thanksgiving. Help!!
I think the trick will be to clear my desk and no matter what, to get started writing first thing every morning -- no e-mail, no Blogging, no distractions -- until I've spent three hours at the computer. George says he'll come back and keep me company if I decide to stay for the extra few weeks. I've got drafts of almost all the stories and since rewriting is the part of the process I like best it shouldn't be too hard. (Remind me I said that! Thinking about it is always so much easier than actually doing the work.)

I'm reading Tom Perrotta's The Abstinence Teacher. Imagine my surprise at finding a reference to Are You There God? It's Me Margaret early in the novel! I really like his writing. Hope to finish the book tonight. I'm always guessing how a novelist is going to end his/her story but this one has me puzzled. And no, I never do what my friend Mary does -- read the last page first! It kills me when she does that. Well, maybe if I'm not enjoying the book and am just curious, but if I'm involved with the characters, never!

Hope I'll get to post another entry soon but at least you'll know what I'm doing if I don't.
Happy Halloween to everyone who enjoys Halloween!