Sunday, August 26, 2007

The "Bourne" Plumbers

On Saturday night we had 19 to dinner. Our last bash of the summer. On Sunday morning we discovered the dishwasher had flooded the basement (again) -- and not just any part of the basement, but Larry's "gym." Yes, Larry has built a gym, with a spiffy blue rubber floor, machines that clang and bang (one of them was too tall to fit so the same team you see at work here, on the dishwasher, cut a hole in the basement ceiling to make room for the "too tall" machine. In case you don't recognize them, it's George and Larry, our in-house fixer guys). There are weights and benches and cushy mats in our gym. George has put up one mirror (so far, though a second is still sitting there waiting -- have no idea why--but I know better than to ask.) Even I've been working out in the basement gym this summer. It beats fighting the traffic to get to the gym in town. My trainer, Ann, comes twice a week. George and Larry have a different trainer, Eddie. George and I work out at the same time. He and Eddie like to listen to opera while they train. They turn the volume way up and sometimes Eddie sings along. Ann and I roll our eyes but let the guys think they rule.
I'm disappointed in my workouts this summer because I've got an injured shoulder. Here's what I can't do -- hook a bra in the back. Here's what I can do -- kayak. Guess which is more important to me! I have an appointment to see an orthopedist when I get to New York next week. What a pain (literally!)

We loved having Mark, Michelle, and 2 year old Sam visiting. Here we are on the little beach across the pond. Notice my yellow kayak.
And yes, Mark and I had a good meeting about progress on the new website. Our new launch date is no later than Halloween. Did I mention my new deadline for book #3 in the Pain and the Great One series is Thanksgiving?! That's better than Labor Day since I've got to pack up and be ready to leave here on Tuesday and I'm still on the first draft of the book.
Stay tuned...
XX Judy