Thursday, August 16, 2007

Master of My Blog

This is what George (husband, electronic guru, webmaster) tells me I am. Sounds impressive. We'll see. Can't believe I actually have a blog but here I am. I've promised I'll keep my readers more up-to-date (last letter from me on this website was January '07. This is bad, or sad, or something).

I'd hoped to launch my new, redesigned, everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know website on August 28, pub date for Soupy Saturdays with the Pain&the Great One -- even though Mark, the talented designer, says my site is like an onion, a big onion, and since he and the programmer have full time jobs and Mark also has a two year old -- well, it's taking longer than expected. But it will be done, and soon! As for the blog -- I've been inspired by my friends, like Meg Cabot, who have blogs on their sites. I have good intentions this time. So stay tuned.

I'm really excited about Soupy Saturdays. As I wrote on the New York Times Papercuts blog: I've never done four books in a row about the same characters. I've never done four books in a row for the same age group. I like the challenge of writing about forty year olds, then writing about four year olds (not as different as you'd think). This summer I'm working on the 3rd book in the series (the 2nd, Cool Zone, is finished and will be out next May). I have a Labor Day deadline but I'm still on the first draft. First drafts are pure torture for me. I dread first drafts. So I think this baby is going to be late. More at Papercuts (scroll down for my entry)

This month I've been dropping in to to join the bookclub discussing Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned From Judy Blume. I have to say, when I first learned of this book I wasn't happy. I mean -- I'm still alive and well and writing and it struck me (and George who put it best) Aren't you supposed to be dead before they publish a tribute to you and your work? Anyway, I had nothing to do with the book. The publisher never even let me know about it (which was especially unsettling since the same publisher has published many of my books over the years). But then I read the essays and well -- how can you be anything but appreciative about so many moving, generous, and even funny stories about your own books? I've been dropping in to answer questions and chat.

Now that August is more than halfway over, I'm finally in the groove -- the writing groove, that is. So I'm lamenting the short time left. Because if I could stick with my schedule and focus on the stories I'm writing... But we have to leave the Vineyard the day after Labor Day to gear up for the coming book tour. I've posted the tour schedule on the Soupy Saturdays page. I hope to see some of you at my signings. And your kids, too. Or your parents -- whichever fits.

More soon. And since this is my first entry I just have to say thanks to all of you for reading my books, caring about my characters, and being so supportive over the years. It means everything!