Friday, February 8, 2008

I Love a Parade

This blog is starting to have too many pictures of me. I'm going to watch that from now on. But when you're Grand Marshal of a parade -- well, you have to show it, right? How else would you know I got to sit atop a fuzzy pink cushion?

Why did I agree to be Grand Marshal of the International Women's Flag Football "Kelly McGillis" Tournament? This is what I told the local paper when they asked the same question: Because I believe in encouraging girls and women to go for it! If sports is their passion they should get the same respect as young men who play on teams.

Also, I was horrified a couple of years ago when a local parent complained about the IWFFA playing on the fields at her daughter's elementary school because she assumed (and feared) that her daughter would be exposed to lesbians. Gimme a break!

And I thought it would be a hoot! How often do you get to be Grand Marshal of a parade?

Okay, so it wasn't much of a parade. There were no marching bands. And it was all over in half an hour. But I had the fun of riding behind the Key West Blue Jays as they chanted and even turned cartwheels up Duval St. These are the youngest players in the tournament.

The international teams dressed up for the occasion. Here are members of the Swedish team. Love their "locker room" theme.

And here's a member of the Finnish team. Have no idea what their theme was.

As the parade headed up Duval St. a guy called out to me, Are you Kelly McGillis? Missed my chance on that one.

Jimmy Weekley, former mayor of Key West, who happened to be walking down the street, seemed really surprised to see me atop my fuzzy pink cushion, instead of grocery shopping, which is where he usually sees me since his family owns the local grocery store.

Can't say the sidewalks were crowded with well wishers. Strangers on the street are funny -- when you wave to them, they either wave back enthusiastically or act as if they don't see you. Or worse, as if you're going to ask for something they don't want to give. But most people gave the players a thumbs up. Yay, team!!

Good luck to all the women who'll be playing flag football through the weekend! See you at the next parade.
XX Judy