Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Politics and Oscars....

Key West -- Amanda and Jim came to town last Thursday (Feb 21). She was stressed from months of running Bill Richardson's presidential campaign (and doesn't he look relaxed and happy sporting his new beard now that it's over?) Without a break, she's gone right into managing Tom Udall's campaign for Senate. On Friday we hosted a fundraiser for Tom's campaign. I've known Tom for 28 years but until now I'd never heard him speak as a Congressman (which he's been for 5 terms).
He was impressive, as well as warm and friendly to the 85 guests who had gathered in our garden to meet and hear him. Tom voted against the war in Iraq from day one. He's a superdelegate, too, and explained why he's not endorsing either of the democratic presidential candidates at this time.

George's introduction to Tom was funny but some people didn't get it. George's former wife has been married to Tom Udall for many years (at least as long as George and I have been together and that's 28 years). Amanda grew up with all four of us -- Tom and Jill (her mom) and George and me. At her wedding seven years ago, both "Dads" walked her down the aisle. I knew Jill when we all lived in Santa Fe. She gave George my name as someone he might want to have dinner with when he came out for a semester to be with Amanda. (He was teaching at Columbia Law School then.) This may sound very seventies but it's worked out well. So when George introduced Tom, saying, "He's the true family values candidate!" those in the know got his joke.

Once the party for Tom was over and he flew back to DC, Amanda and Jim got some much needed R&R. Wish we could have kept them here longer -- you could actually see the stress disappear day by day. On their last night in town we all went to the Tropic Cinema for their annual Academy Awards party.

Key West's amazing Christopher Peterson worked our red carpet as Joan Rivers. He's a fabulous guy who not only is a super entertainer, but is always ready to help out by lending his talents to a non-profit (like the Tropic). Here he doing his Marilyn Monroe bit.

Here are Amanda and Jim with "Oscar."

Even a local rooster got into the act.

Then back to our house to finish up the Key Lime pie they brought home from Blue Heaven.


While we're talking politics I confess to being obsessed by this primary campaign. I haven't been as excited about a candidate as I am about Barack Obama since I was voting in my first presidential election for John Kennedy. I watched the 20th debate with sweaty palms, praying neither one would get negative. I'll support either Democratic candidate but I'm hoping it's Obama. He makes me believe in the possibilities. Yes, I know it's going to be a mess for whichever candidate is elected. But he's so smart. I have to believe he'll surround himself with equally smart advisors. If he's running next fall, I'll be out there working for him. Someone asked me the other day, Are you voting against Hillary? And I answered, No, I'm voting for Obama. Then I gave her my reasons. There are some women who think if you're a feminist you should only be supporting Hillary. I think being a feminist means we've evolved to the point where we get to choose who we think will be the best candidate and make the best president, regardless of gender, race, or anything else. But, hey -- if Hillary's the candidate, I'll be out there supporting her. Will be glued to the tube on Tuesday night (March 4).

Oh, about the Oscars -- loved the couple who sang the song from Once. I was rooting for them. So glad they won. Maybe they should give Oscars to political candidates?
XX Judy