Saturday, September 22, 2007

Soupy Tour -- Girlfriends

LA to Santa Fe --George and I had planned on going to the Get Mortified show on Wednesday night in LA but he was feeling too sick that night to leave the hotel. So I missed it again! But one of these days, maybe in NY next week, I'm going to experience the fun/angst/mortification of David N's show. I'm trying to get David to do a show in Key West, maybe at the Tropic Cinema. I know my friend Meg Cabot is a fan so between the two of us maybe we can make it happen.

At breakfast at our LA hotel we shared our space with these little guys.

Also got to meet (finally) my new movie agent. I told her I'd love to see a feature made of one of my books during my lifetime! But that's an ongoing story....

In LA I met with old friends Steve and Lin who started the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators For any of you who are interested in children's books you've got to check out SCBWI. It's the best. I only wish it had been around when I started to write. It's been ages since I've had the chance to have a Girls Night Out with Lin. We gabbed for four hours over dinner. What a treat! And at the end of the evening when Lin said she had to get up early to catch a plane to Albuquerque I couldn't believe it! We were on the same plane so the gabfest continued (George asked if there's a Guinness Book of World Records for consecutive gabbing?) Not only that, we're at the same hotel in Santa Fe. Lin is celebrating her friend's birthday and we're celebrating Amanda's 40th. Talk about coincidences!

Now, after two days in Santa Fe, George is feeling much better. He's been hiking in the mountains with Amanda and Jim. My old friend Helene (we met when we both lived in Los Alamos, the setting for Tiger Eyes) drove down from Aspen so we could spend time together. Also had a visit with Bill and Barbara, two of my first friends when I moved to New Mexico in '76. Dinner with Ruthy (Smart Women is dedicated to her) Paul, and Helene at a restaurant that used to be the Periscope back in the 70's. Loved telling the young staff that we knew it then. They looked at us as if -- Oh, these guys must have been wild once upon a time!

We dropped in to an independent bookstore in downtown Santa Fe -- Collected Works . Was so glad to see it's not only still in business but is thriving -- and they had 6 copies of Soupy Saturdays. Bought five copies to give to my friends' grandchildren (didn't want to buy them out!) Promised I'd come back some day and do a signing.

Santa Fe is so beautiful this time of year. We keep forgetting what a beautiful city this is. George is lobbying me to spend more time here. Ditto, our friends. And I admit, it's been wonderful spending time with them, and Amanda and Jim. A great break. Wish there were more time -- way more time.

Tomorrow's a travel day. Then three more book signings in the New York area next weekend. Hope to see some of you there!
XX Judy