Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year and other Expectations

Key West -- I can't believe it's January 5, 2008 and I haven't posted anything since the day after Christmas! So, first of all, wishing all of you a very Happy New Year. Second, my excuse for not blogging? World events? Politics? Not really, although there's certainly been a lot going on.

But closer to home -- actually, at home -- let's just say having the family here for the holidays was great fun but there was no time for anything else. I did write a piece about a long ago New Year's Eve date and paired it with a photo of a snake who's been hanging out at our house -- a good snake -- which is more than I can say about that New Year's Eve date --

but it seems silly to get into that now that New Year's Eve has passed. I'll save it for another time. It had to do with expectations and disappointments, sort of what the holidays are all about these days.

Every year, before our family joins us in Key West, I remind myself not to say anything that could be taken the wrong way. Every year I fail. Every year I wind up exhausted from trying to please everyone. Every year I fail at that, too. But all in all I think we had a fine time being together. Never mind that I got it into my head to host a New Year's Eve supper for Key West friends my family has come to know. I saw it as a couple of "clans" sharing supper before everyone went off to their late night activities. Before I invited anyone I asked Randy if she wanted to help me do this. She's a good cook and with two of us working together, serving veggie lasagna to 30 guests isn't as big a deal to her as it is to me. Yes, our guest list grew to 30. And my idea of sitting around informally developed into a sit down candlelit buffet.

It was an incredible night -- starlit and balmy. Two of our official "servers" Randy and Elliot donned Tropic Cinema aprons.

Elliot and his friend, Tom, were happy to sit opposite Meg Cabot and her husband at the table. Meg got them to explain the differences between Face Book and My Space. Later, Larry took Elliot and Tom to Duval Street where they watched Sushi descend in a red shoe at midnight.
(Link to come)

Here's what Elliot gave me for Hanukkah this year.

I'm not really a handbag afficionado though I think this is great fun. And I have saved the bags my mother and grandmother beaded in the late 1940's. Also, I was determined to get this collector's item at a charity auction last year. It was made by the Florida Keys College librarian.

Can you imagine the fun I have carrying this bag to parties? Beverly Clearly was my inspiration when I started to write. I wasn't about to allow anyone to outbid me for this purse.

And so, we start a New Year. I have a significant birthday coming up. I can't decide whether to celebrate or ignore it. Usually I'm in favor of celebrations.

I hope all of you find something to celebrate in '08.