Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Up and Running

Key West -- hope you had a merry day yesterday. My elves were hard at work and I'm thrilled to say the New Website is up and running under it's permanent name Check it out and let me know ( what you think or if you find any glitches. Some pages, mainly in reference, are still Under Construction. (Love that page! I'll probably never get another chance to drive a bulldozer.) Our web designer, MarkTuchman, will be animating the Home Page after the holidays. Can't wait to paddle my kayak through the Sea of Words. None of us can believe that after all these years of planning, organizing, designing, proofing, programming -- this site is finally a reality! A million thanks to Larry, who spearheaded this project, to Mark for his brilliant design, Melissa for her programming, and to George who worked with all of us to get it on the web for Christmas Day. What a gift!

And thanks to all of you for reading my books and this blog!
XX Judy