Saturday, December 22, 2007

'Tis the Season

Wishing You All Very Happy Holidays!

Elliot sent me this picture of his cat, Keith, yesterday. They had another 7 inches of snow and are counting the days until they join us in Key West. Larry arrived here last night.
He and George have been "playing" with computers all day. This is how they have fun. George's latest is an olpc. I have to say, it's impressive. And so is the program, One Laptop Per Child ( Check it out.

I know he'll be donating more computers. That's the thing -- there are so many great programs to support this time of year. It's hard to choose. I concentrate on those I really know, in Key West, on the Vineyard, and in New York.

My gift is being with my family for the holidays. I hope you get something you want this year, too.