Monday, September 3, 2007

The Last of Summer

It's the end of summer for George and me. We're packing up, getting ready to fly to New York tomorrow. And just when I was getting in the groove. If I had three more weeks and I could stay focused, I'd finish my book -- I'm sure of it! Easy to say, right? I feel this way around Labor Day every year. I'm sad to leave because it's the most beautiful time of year on the Vineyard. Yesterday I took out my kayak for the final row of the season.

We had a busy weekend. Our friend Alice was here. Bruce, Larry's oldest friend, came for the day with his family. I've known Bruce since he was a baby. And Randy had her friend, Jana, visiting with Kayla, her six year old. Randy made a yummy vegetable lasagne for dinner and invited everyone to stay. It was a lively group! The kids were great. They watched what Kayla calls the Blah Blah Blah movie (Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great) while the grownups ate.

Yesterday we learned that last week a neighbor's dog had eleven black lab puppies. So this morning we took Kayla to see them. Good thing they weren't ready to come home. Kayla already has two dogs and two cats. Randy is starting a new job tomorrow so this isn't the time to take on more responsibilities. And George would have -- let's just say a black lab puppy isn't in my immediate future. And I know he's right. But still, they were pretty hard to resist.

Our neighbors own both the mom and the dad, a chocolate lab. They say they're very mellow. For more info send an e-mail message to my guest book. Oh, there are 8 females and 3 males.

I probably won't get the chance to post on my blog again until I start my book tour for Soupy Saturdays on Friday, September 7. (My NY To Do list - between tomorrow afternoon and Friday morning - is so full it's looking impossible!) I hope I get to meet some of you on the road. And I hope you (and your kids) like the book.

If you're back at school, have a great school year! Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, check in with me again. I really like keeping in touch this way. And let me know if you're enjoying my Blog. I'm still a beginner at this -- as you can probably tell.