Friday, September 14, 2007

Soupy Tour -- Connections

Seattle -- Cruised Lake Washington yesterday afternoon on a tour boat. What a perfect afternoon on the water. Later, stopped into a shop, Nubia, with intriguing windows -- I can't resist art to wear so dragged George into the store with me. He sat in a chair and read while I browsed. The owner suggested a jacket for me but I explained we lived most of the year in Key West and I didn't need anything like it. She told me her son had spent time in Key West, that he'd worked at a fabulous movie theater there, had fallen in love with film, and was now back in college in Seattle, studying it.

"Could it have been the Tropic Cinema?" I asked.
"Yes," she answered, "and my son raved about the guys who started it."

At that point I introduced her to George (Mr. Tropic Cinema). George remembered her son who'd been a projectionist at the Tropic for a few months. Is this small-world-stuff or what? I mean, we're in Seattle and the Tropic is in Key West, but we're all connected!? At that point I really had to buy something to commemorate the moment so I got this silvery shirt with uneven sides.

This morning I did a one hour NPR show. I wondered what we'd do for an hour but the time flew by. The host, Steve Scher, was great -- really fun and easy to talk to. Thanks to those of you who called in, and all of you who listened. Then a rush to make a TV appearance on what I thought was a news show but turned out to be more of a talk show with an audience. There was a yellow lab wearing a bandana in the first row (on the floor, not in a seat) and I had to resist the urge to keep looking at it. I half expected it to ask me a question.

Break for a manicure -- hey, I'm signing books again tomorrow -- can't have ratty nails! If any of you reading this are in Seattle, I'll be at University Bookstore at 1pm. Meeting my readers is always the highlight of any tour! So far I've heard from just two disappointed adults, both grandmas. One, because I spelled her granddaughter's name wrong when I signed her book (I've promised her a replacement, properly signed) and another -- whose granddaughter was the first child I met in Detroit at Borders. She was at the cafe, clutching a copy of Soupy Saturdays. I asked if we could take her picture for the blog, then forgot to post it. So here it is now. Sorry, Alex.

Off to opening night at the Seattle Children's Theater.