Friday, September 7, 2007

On the Road with Soupy Saturdays

Hello from Detroit, first stop on my book tour. I was tired before I began from pouring all my potions into 3 oz (or less) plastic bottles, then stuffing them into the quart size baggie so airport security wouldn't arrest me (or take away my absolute necessities). I swear, a quart of milk is way bigger than that baggie -- no way would a quart of milk not overflow. Or maybe it's a dry quart? Is there such a thing? Say, a quart container of strawberries? Since George doesn't need any beauty supplies, nor does he have any allergies (he doesn't believe in allergies -- don't get me started on that one!) I got to pack up his quart bag with my extras! After all that, security didn't even care about my perfectly organized 1 quart bag. They didn't ask to see anything! They didn't care about all the lipsticks (and lip balms) I'd stashed in secret places.

The driver who picked us up at the airport thought we were in town for the Big Wedding. He didn't know who was getting married but he knew a lot of guests were flying in from NY. He told us he'd once driven A-rod, and Cindy Crawford (but not at the same time).

Anyway, we're at the hotel now and in an hour we're meeting Jason for dinner. He starting writing to me when he was 12 and we've been in touch ever since. Now he's -- well, probably close to 30. We've never met. I asked him if he was sure he wanted to because meeting someone you only know through writing can really change the relationship. But he was up for it.
I'm already hungry. All I've had to eat today was my usual breakfast -- Total cereal and banana. And while waiting for the plane George surprised me with Rice Krispies to go -- and another banana (he couldn't find a bagel). I feel like Seinfeld.
More tomorrow --
XX Judy
PS Look what I just found on top of the mini bar!