Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Soupy Tour -- Pigs on Parade

Seattle -- All over town there are Pigs on Parade. Each pig is decorated by a different artist and all are for sale -- to benefit a good cause, I'm sure. This one is my favorite.

Did a couple of phone interviews this morning. One from a reporter who called back five minutes after the interview to say she realized she'd pushed the wrong button on her tape recorder and didn't get any of what I said. She confessed this was her first interview and asked if I would please do the interview again. At that moment I remembered another, lengthy phone interview many years ago, and how I just couldn't do it again. This time, the young reporter sounded so distraught we did a second, abbreviated interview. I'll bet she'll hit the right button from now on.

The other interview was with a reporter from a Dallas paper, focusing on the 35th Anniversary of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. 35 years! The Dallas Children's Theater is doing a production of Tales... which reminded me that that play originated here in Seattle at the Seattle Children's Theater in 1986 -- and that I happened to be here on a book tour on opening night. That was a real thrill! The play has made the rounds of children's theaters around the country ever since. When Elliot was about seven I took him to see a production at the Kennedy Center in DC -- in which Fudge was played by a 400 pound man (talk about non-traditional casting!).
Seattle Children's Theater is opening a play this Friday night based on High School Musical. Is Disney taking over the world, or what?

To those of you who observe Rosh Hashannah, L'shana tova.

XX Judy